Where Are The Kids, Trump?

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People from South of the US-Mexico border are fleeing the terrible conditions imposed on their home countries, by the very same rich countries who deny them refuge. Families are separated at the border by ICE officials, and applying for refugee status is made virtually impossible. There have been thousands of children separated from their parents that are currently unaccounted for.


Where are the migrant children who were separated from their families?

Are they “lost”?! WTF?!!

The other mystery is why we, the citizens of this empire of rich countries, stand by while our governments impose sanctions and “regime change” upon countries like Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua and Cuba, whose peoples seek equality and freedom. This empire creates the same refugees it seeks to deny refuge to.

Together, we can get to the bottom of this. If Trump refuses to be accountable to the families his administration has separated, we must demand international intervention against the US government to rescue the kidnapped children.
Global Equality means every child on the planet is our responsibility.